Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Love In Action .... The Forgotten Lesson

Love in action. Wow ! What a concept. What a truth that has been lost to us for far too long.

Ask any of my children what love in action is & they will tell you.. What we say with our mouths about love is not love. 

Its what we do in our actions toward each other that shows whether we really do love someone or not.

My children should know. This is how I raised them. I'm a single father who instilled the teachings in each & everyone of them since they were old enough to understand by word & by seeing it in their lives by my actions toward them.

Did I teach them wrong. Well, lets see. In our home, we show our love by even little acts of love toward each other. 

If someone is hurting, if someone is in need of help or some other issue we are there for them. Each taking on the role of helper for each other, not because they are expected to, but its so natural to them to show their love for each other.

My eldest is 22 years old. My youngest is 14. I have five kids.  From the youngest to the eldest, there isn't a time or a day that goes by that they are not telling me that they love me & I them. Even when they or I go to bed it is the same. "I love you Dad." " I love you too son or daughter."

My grand children are also being raised this way. "I love you papa." I hear it all the time amidst the small crowd of them scrambling to get to me for that special hug when I go visit. Love in action from them to me & I to them.

But, you might say," My children or grand children do that to me also."

Great. That's love in action. Spread the word.

My one son in law wanted to know about our teachings when he first became involved with my family. I sat him down & told him a lot about ourselves. I knew he was watching each time he would come around. 

Since then, every time he goes to leave he, on his own, gives me hug & says, "Dad, I love you." & I know he means it. 

Now, he will carry the message & continue to pass it on because he saw love by example. He told me once that he has never seen love in action before. It was all new to him & he now makes it a part of his life. I'm glad.

There are far too many definitions for love that have absolutely nothing to do with love. Some refer to sex. Others refer to .. "I think I love you. What , don't you know"? 

Every time we turn around we're hearing about .. this is love or that is love. OK! So much for that. Now, ask someone to show you what love is & watch out. You might be surprised as to what happens. Superficial. Absolutely nothing to do with love because people have no real concept of what it really means.

We live in a dream world manufactured by Hollywood, society, religion & the list goes on.

How can people really show love if they have no idea about what it is.  We say we love our children but do we show it. 

When was the last time you hugged you child or your partner? 

When was the last time you saw that glow on their face or that gleam in their eye when they told you that you were loved by them?

When was the last time they saw it in you? Another example of something so innocent & simple but so easily taken out of context & misunderstood.

I know this is something that not all parents will agree on & that's OK. 

My children have always been taught since they were old enough to understand, never tell anyone you love them unless you are willing to prove it by your actions. 

Not only does it make them better understand love as a whole but they with proper instructions wont be fooled by what love isn't.

Some of the greatest teachers & leaders in history have based their actions on love in action.

Please don't get me wrong. I am not writing about politics or religion.

Martin Luther King for example. Jesus Christ teachings, Gandhi. 

Yes, I know their missions were different as to what they did but look at the bottom line of it all. They carried out their work not only because of issues that were important to them but the love of those who were the oppressed.

Love in action.

My eldest son as I said still gives me hugs even in public & says that he loves me. You will never know how many times we get such weird looks from people on the street. It makes it worse because this kid is 6 foot 4 inches tall. I'm a measly 5 foot 8. "Look out Dad, here I come." He is not ashamed. I am not ashamed. He is living what I have taught him all his life.

People seem to have no trouble showing other emotions like bitterness, anger, hatred, disgust & on & on & on to their family & friends. Why not love?

Our love, true love is an emotion from within. It is not physical. but something that we brought with us before we were born in the flesh. It is part of the spiritual side of us. 

If we are spirits of love then is it not only reasonable to show our love through our actions? What we show on the outside is what we are like on the inside.

I saw a sticker once that read.. "Love thy neighbour.. but don't get caught."

OK! Not exactly what I had in mind here.

We don't have to perform large acts toward someone to prove our love. Sometimes, its the little things that count the most. Even just being there in times of crisis is an open act of love in action. Believe me, people notice.

You know, seriously, I could go on & on until you finally say, " Alright already. I get the picture, " & you'd be right.

Let's put love in action into practice. There's no time like the present.

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