Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Strengthening Yourself Spiritually

 Just as with anything, including using your energies to perform things, we all need to continually strengthen ourselves spiritually to accomplish what we want to do. Whether  it's healing, telepathy, energy transfer or whatever, we need to keep it & ourselves in
shape spiritually to keep that part of us working properly.
Just as the physical needs to be kept up, so does the spiritual.

We are all spiritual beings as I have said, but we are for now, living in a physical / spiritual world, totally connected to both.

Our problem is, we see the physical & therefore tend to build up the physical more because of our daily life in it. We tend to neglect, to set aside our spiritual side, allowing it to weaken.

We are spiritual first. We need to keep ourselves strong in this realm.

Whether it be by prayer, tai chi, meditation, wiccan / native ceremonies or whatever to
enhance ourselves, we need to utilize it to the fullest to keep ourselves, us, spirit in shape.

Without being spiritually healthy, we become negative inside & out.
Whatever we are like spiritually, inside shows on the outside, physically.

Deep, personal meditation, tai chi, smudging, seeking after the spirit realm. These are the things that bring about change. These are the things that will  bring out the real you.

We need to learn to humble ourselves, look deep inside ourselves, seek truth within
ourselves & be willing  to apply the teachings to our everyday lives so that we
can become enlivened, enriched, more spiritual & closer to the ones who first created us as spirits.

The closer we get to them, the more spiritual we become. The more power, supernaturally
happens & miraculously things happen in our lives & the lives of those around us.

We fail or succeed because of ourselves. No one else.
When we strive for spirituality, we are literally making our way back to the Creators
from whence we came. 

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