Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Your Spirit Guide

Spirit guides are a big topic these days & for good reason. More & more people are finding that they are interested in a variety of topics that involve spirits. We are not alone in this world. 

Teachings that have existed for thousands of years that involve spirits, fairies, the occult, Native beliefs & practices, & the list goes on, are finally coming to light as a bonifide & legitimate set of beliefs.

Don't expect to win the world with your beliefs. As long as you are content, satisfied & at peace with yourself on who you are, what you accept as truth & practice it in action, your on the right track.

I met my spirit guide a few years ago. It was a moment that caused an awakening for me in my spirit & transformed my understanding of the spirit realm & my life . 

In our home, we have a large number of Aboriginal ornaments & artifacts. I remember as I would lay in bed, the sound of some of the statues & pieces being moved on a table we have in our bedroom. 

At first I thought that maybe a mouse had gotten in & was scurrying around. I finally realized that these items were being picked up as I could hear them very gently being set back in place. Have I spooked you yet? Don't be. 

Everything I am relaying here is true & for a point. This went on for a few days. If I turned on the light, it would always stop, but resume shortly after all was dark again.

My youngest daughter came to me a few days later, telling me about seeing a little Aboriginal girl in my room. With us being of Native decent, I knew that such things were possible & I had no doubts that she had indeed seen someone. I had her describe the girl to me.

About a week later, a friend & myself had gone into a restaurant for a coffee. We were sitting there relaxing when I happened to look out the window, as our table was against the outside of the building. Everything within me froze. Not with fear, but with wonderment & amazement at what I saw.

About in midair, I watched as an Aboriginal man, in his 30's, long, straight black hair, knelt on the ground, hands raised high in the air in honor of his Creator. He had no shirt on & I listened as I heard him cry & wail a chant that I knew came from the very depths of his heart.

He was pouring out his soul in his prayers & honor. I was transfixed as I stared. I felt like an intruder, but I also knew that I was being given a special chance to not only watch a ceremony of honor but to see someone from the realm of the spirits. 

In my spirit, I knew that he had lived on this earth more than a hundred years before. It was a realization that just appeared to my mind. Somehow, I just had this knowledge from him.

The whole revelation lasted about five seconds, but within that time, I had seen a miracle, if you will, that a lot of people never get the chance to see.

I turned to my friend & stared. When I asked her if she saw what had just happened, she looked puzzled & said, she hadn't seen anything. Everything in the restaurant was normal as it should be. Was I losing it? NO! It was all very real.

Shortly after, my same daughter who had seem the little girl came to me one night, telling me about seeing the girl again. 

This time though, she said there was a man with her. I hadn't mentioned anything to her about seeing this man. I was curious, so I had her describe what he looked like. She took me up to our room & showed me exactly where they were standing. 

She said it was like they were just above the floor, floating. She showed me how he stood there with his hands folded in the sign of peace across his chest, indicating that his mission was one of non violence. 

My daughter had never been taught about this sign of peace before. She had no knowledge of any of this beforehand. She described for me in detail what he looked like, where they stood & what was said.

The man my daughter described to me was the same man I saw a few days earlier. Even as I write this article, I can feel a presence around me It was & is such a real & transforming experience.

My daughter told me about talking with this girl as they both stood there looking at my daughter.She said they both had such a look of peace & contentment on their faces. I ask her what the little girl had told her. She said that her name was Makala, & that she was of the Algonquin tribe. The man turned out to be her father.

Since that time, Makala has visited our home on numerous occasions. We have come to realize a love that has developed for these people & feel love in return.We have heard many conversations taking place in our daughters room. Not like the childlike ones you hear when a child makes up a make believe friend. These where actual, intelligent, back & forth conversations. 

I have walked into the room & realized that there was a presence there. The man turned out to be my guide & his daughter was to be the guide for my daughter.

To this day, whenever I am in need, have a prob to work out or need advice about something, I hear my guide speak the answer or suggestion to me. I have come to understand that he is here as my helper, my guide, & he has become my closest friend from the world beyond. 

I have no doubt that he will remain with me while I'm here on the earth. I also know in my heart, that in the next world, our friendship will continue as long as there is time & eternity.

We all have a spirit guide. We are not alone. Many times we may not always feel their presence, but they are there to support you, to guide you, to walk with you through every step you take in this life. Honor them as they honor you. 

Your guide may be someone from the past, as mine is, or maybe an angel or quite possibly someone you don't even know, but they are real & will help you when you when needed.

Trust what your guide tells you. Always know that it is your guide speaking, guiding you. If it is, the impression or the voice will grow more intense in a lot of cases. Learn to hear your guide.

Talk to them. It may sound silly for those who have never experienced this before, but try it, alone. Tell them they are welcome in your life & that you want to be their friend as they want to be yours. In time, you will understand that the sensations, the feelings of someone being beside you are real. 

Not just your imagination. Learn to tell the different between your thoughts & desires & the directions of your guide. If an idea or thought or impression comes to you, always examine it , analyze it to make sure that it is not just some whim that has crossed your mind. 

In time you will be able to tell the difference. You will be able to hear your guide, to feel their presence on a regular basis.

I hope that something I have said here will be of a comfort or maybe an encouragement for those who read it.

The truth lies within all of us. Search the soul to discover yourself.
                                                                              Dalton Lasher

Living What We Teach

In this day & age we tend to look at the outward appearance of others & life's situations instead of accepting those who come across our path in life as they are. Sad to say we don't always react in the proper way as we should, nor do we see things in their proper perspective. Our insight can be very limited.

No matter how we view events or people that cross our paths, whether they be family, friends or complete strangers, they all have an impact on us, sometimes in a dramatic way.

How do we see those people? Do we accept them for who they are as fellow human beings or do we tend to shun them because they may be of a different color, belief or look different than we do?

I have always taught my children to not tell someone they love them unless they are willing to prove it by their actions towards them.

Society has traded off proven love with substitutes that mimic the real thing. We, as individuals need to show more love in action to others we come across.

I realize this type of article is not the usual norm for our group, but I also feel that sometimes we need that nudge to reaffirm ourselves to our standards & beliefs. What we do on the outside toward others reveals what is in our heart, how we really feel. 

The same holds true with those of us who, although we may have similar teachings that we live by, may not be exactly the same as others see things. This can & has presented unknown problems & even cost friendships & family because we simply didn't live & let live according to one's conscience.

So that everyone knows I'm not just preaching a sermon , lol, i try to look at people, with my own life with that look of, " Yes, we may be different. Maybe we do have other ways of doing things, but we can always learn from each other. " We are a peaceful people & that is what our example should be.

We are all part of the family of life. We are all interconnected & deep down inside, we are no different than the next person in alot of ways.

We need to look at others with a look of how we would want to be seen.


Monday, April 25, 2011


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Your Personal Space

Set aside a special place just for you. Your place of solitude where you can relax, meditate, be one with nature, with Mother Earth, with the universe & with yourself.

Never allow another person's negative energies to bring you down. It will stifle you physically, spiritually & emotionally. Learn to ground yourself & look inside yourself to create a safe guard. Your safety net.


Our spoken words have a tendency to become reality. Be very careful what you say out loud. This is why in so many cultures you will see people speaking of things in whispers. Another thing to remember is, never say "Never"as in " I will never do such & such" or, That will never happen." those things will be guaranteed to happen in yours or someone else's life.

What kind of person do you want to be? Whatever it is, the power of transformation lies within you. Your life can be filled with love, joy & happiness. It all begins with you. Peace, love, joy & contentment are all attitudes of the spirit. How we are in our spirit reflects in our physical actions & behavior.

We are spirits living inside these mortal bodies. What we desire as a spirit is usually portrayed through us by our physical body through our actions. We choose to do right or wrong, good or bad because this is what we desire to do in our life. being we are both physical & spiritual, our actions & their results can revert back to us through the circle of life.  

We all possess the powers of transformation. We all hold the key to unlock the power of transformation. We just need to be shown how. Who we are is not necessarily who we have to be. The choice is ours.

When we look deep inside ourselves, we can learn to release the negative feelings. We can then & only then begin to heal. When all the garbage inside us is gone, then we will find the truths for our lives. 

We will find the power within us to make our lives the way we want it to be.The power to change ourselves is within ourselves. Reading about your powers within is a great beginning. 

Putting those powers into actions produces powerful,  positive results. It's up to you just how far you want to take it. What do you want to see happen in your life?

We live our lives, but most of the time we don't control our lives.

Life is in a circle. All things that we do, whether positive or negative will in like manner one day return to us.

Our thoughts when we send them out can become reality. Be careful what we say or think. 

These are actions. Actions produce a re-action. What we desire most in our lives, whether good or bad has a sympathetic reaction to our thoughts.

If you were to sing a song to me from your spirit, would it be one of love & joy or bitterness, sadness & hopelessness? 

Whatever is inside us shows on the surface.

Love In Action

 Love is not what we say, but what we do.

Love is an action word & must be put into action before it produces results. This is, " Love in Action."

Love in action will have an impact on us and others just as hate will. It is up to us as to which path we choose to live & portray.

If I say, " I love you," will you believe me? If I show you love, will you believe me more?

If you are willing to say, "I love you," are you willing to show it by your actions? 

Love... the greatest of all action words. Show it by your actions every day. 

Even the smallest amount of your love by your actions will return  to you returns to us in a large way. 

The only reason we don't receive love is because we don't show love to others & to ourselves. 

When we see love in another person or they see love in us, they, we are seeing the real person from within.

The power to ignite love in the world lies within each of us. If I speak of love, it is a great teaching. If I show love, it is a great example.

We are not born of hate, misery or torment. These are by products of society & conditioning. 

We are born innocent, loving, responding to love & able to give love in return unconditionally.

True love cannot show in our lives until we remove the negative elements from our spirit.

How can we expect others to see truth & love in our lives when we don't show it by our actions?

Appling The Teachings

By applying the teachings to our lives, we have nothing to loose except our fears, our anger, our negative emotions & hurts. What we have to gain is renewed love, peace, a new spirit, a new outlook on life, healing without & within.

These teachings & practices are not new age. They are part of us all. They have been in existence since the beginning of time. We, as humans have neglected & forgotten  the  truths that were instilled in us from the beginning.

If we as human beings had of remembered the fundamental teachings, there would be an absence of hate, an absence of war. There would be no negativity towards ourselves & others. Only truth, love & unity.

By our actions, we have created our past & our present. By a renewed outlook & renewed line of action on our part, we can create a positive future for ourselves & all mankind.

The only reason the teachings fail to work is because WE fail to apply them to our lives.

Hidden Truths

It is not where we live that counts. It is not when we live that counts.
It doesn't matter how much or how little money we have.
It matters not whether we are liked or disliked by others.
It only matters how we choose to live.
How our spirit is, whether we are at peace or in inner turmoil that counts.
If we have real peace inside, we can go through life & face anything that comes along.
Never keep our eyes on the negative situations in life, but rather on what we are like inside.
Peace, love, forgiveness, truth, honesty, serenity, at peace with ourselves & others.
Never allow situations to bear you down.
Keep looking inside for the answers.
Keep looking to the heavens for truth & guidance.
All things are timed in our lives.
All things will come around in their own time as they should.
All answers will come about when it is the right time.
Then, you will know that all things work together for good in our lives.
Circumstances can only affect us as we allow them to.

If we live in fear, in worry, in doubt, then that is what we become.
If we learn to live in trust, in love, in truth, in hope & in peace, then this is what we become.

We have the choice & the power within us to live & choose who we become on the inside & outside.
What we are like on the inside, shows in our lives on the outside.
Nothing is hidden for long.
Sooner or later our true side, who we really are shows through to ourselves & to others around us.

How can we say, " What we have is ours to own?"
The things we have in this life are lent to us to use while we are here only.
Even the very breath we breath is not our own.
When death finally comes, even that is taken away.
We are but visitors here on this temporal plain.
No guarantees of even a tomorrow.

If there is no tolerance, then love cannot begin.
If there is no love, there is no unity between us.
If there is no unity between us, there is no peace.
If there is no peace in the world, there is no hope for humanity.

Without breath our bodies will die.
Without love our spirit will die.
Without a healthy spirit, all else produces negativity in our lives.

We are conditioned to think in complex terms, therefore, seeing everything in life as complex. We need to look deep inside ourselves at the simplicity of life, where the real power is. When we look inside ourselves & rid ourselves of all negativity, we find our true answers.

Giving Thanks

Give thanks everyday for your life. For your family. Anything or anyone who has been a positive touch in your life. If you do this, you are not only creating a heart of gratitude for yourself, but you are releasing positive energies from your spirit that will return to you & will also touch others who are in your life.

When you ask for something good to happen in your life or the lives of others, offer thanks each day even before the results of your request are visible. Thankfulness produces results. 

Whatever you ask for by prayer or whatever means you use, expect it to happen. Keep your spiritual eyes on your goal. 

Never allow yourself to be swayed away from your goal. Believe it to happen & it will.

We all hold the key to fulfilling our life or cutting short our creative powers. It all lies within us.